The Legal Profession Has Jobs for Barristers and Solicitors

Looking for an interesting career with great pay and plenty of “perks”? How about a profession in which you gain respect as you do service for your clients such as represent them in court while negotiating settlements which may amount to millions and even argue the law or maybe even rewrite some laws yourself? All part of the legal profession and part of the prestige career of being a barrister or solicitor. This is the type of job that gives you respect and perhaps a bit of power as well. As a barrister, particularly in Wales and England, you are considered to be a specialist when it comes to advocacy as well as representation of individuals who need your services in a court of law. As an independent source pertaining to legal advice a barrister pleads a case for their client and that client’s solicitor. Generally the public may choose to either go to a solicitor or seek help from a barrister first. A barrister may also choose his or her own particular favorite when it comes to areas of the law they wish to practice such as commercial law, chancery (trusts and estates) law, criminal law, sports law, common law which pertains to families or housing or even personal injury, and entertainment law. Each subject has its own unique laws and ways to enforce them.

Barristers work is rewarding and honorable typically, a barrister has a wide range of activities and duties in which they participate on a daily basis. They may perform many of the following:

• Legal research regarding laws and legalities
• Takes instructions from their clients as well as their solicitors
• Knowing and interpreting the laws as they have been written
• Write opinions while also advising solicitors or others in the legal profession
• Advise clients regarding matters of the law and how their case may be handled
• Go to court and represent the clients
• Drafts legal documents
• May examine and or cross examine any witnesses regarding the suit or charges filed
• Negotiate the settlement
• They may also assist in the development and strategy of legal issues

Solicitors are supportive and knowledgeable

The job of solicitor includes much responsibility including advising their clients on the laws and how they pertain in their particular situation. Giving advice on the law and handling the case are only part of the job description of solicitor. Depending on their area of expertise the typical range of tasks includes:

• Acting as advisor to clients regarding laws, providing advice, explaining costs of services
• Writing up letters, documents, and contracts to fit the needs of clients
• Taking instructions from clients
• Analyze and research documents, study case laws to advise clients and insure accuracy
• Instruct barristers and specialists regarding when to appear in court on behalf of clients
• Prepare paperwork for court, delegate and supervise paralegals, solicitors in training, and legal secretaries where appropriate.
• Keep current on laws especially pertaining to clients
• Of course there are more tasks the solicitor is charged with but those are some of the basics.