LLB – The New Faces of the Legal Profession

The legal profession has evolved from what it has to be before. Just like any other field of work, the legal profession has also become a hotbed of money-hungry people who are least bothered about the world around them. The high degrees of respect, honor and dignity that the profession of law used to signify, have now been replaced by a bunch of people to whom money is everything and the rest come secondary. But still, exceptions do exist. Among the huge number of students who opt for LLB as their preferred stream of study,

Law, as a line of work, has definitely changed. The most prominent evidences of this change are perhaps the law firms. The way they recruit these days are hugely different from the way they used to. LLB graduates are now being hired not primarily based on their skills of handling legal work but based on their money-spinning skills. Most law students who have been there and done that, comment that the questions most asked in the interviews consist more of non-law matters and less about the LLB.

Studying LLB from a top-tier college has its own advantages. You have more offers than you can consider. Law firms keep on calling you until you have made your mind to join. But the real problem is that you just cannot decide which one to join.

Technology has its wings spread all over. Just as other fields are benefiting from the boons of technology, law is not lagging behind. LLB graduates are now using the tools of networking on the web that almost all professionals of all fields are involving into. For example, wikis. Wikis have become massively popular all over the world and new lawyers are using wikis to spread the word about how much they love their profession. What they are getting in return range from praises, appreciations, shared thoughts and most importantly, work.

Doing an LLB does not always mean that you have to work as a lawyer. There are other career choices that you can happily take up. If you have always fancied a court setting, you can work as a court reporter which includes a lot of paperwork like transcription, archiving, and red tape proceedings. You can also assist a senior lawyer by becoming a paralegal. The job will mainly comprise of administrative work.

Just as the field of law has changed, the field of behavioral studies has also changed and with Applied Psychology around, the fields are becoming more challenging as well interesting; thus, successfully attracting huge numbers of students.