Blossoming Opportunities in the Legal Profession

You don’t have to become a fully fledged attorney to have an interesting career in the area of Law and Order. There are many interesting job opportunities available – as legal specialist, all intermediary steps between lawyer and layman.

Paralegal is the most popular of all intermediary legal positions, and, as its name implies, is the mid-point between a support position and a solicitor’s one. Para-legal – partial lawyer – frees up the professional attorney from specialized, but more routine matters. A paralegal makes a decent wage, approximately half or a little less than half the salary as a beginning lawyer. Paralegals may specialize, just like lawyers do.

A new trend in the paralegal profession is the Information Technology field. The paralegal who wishes to learn system related software, terminology and so on will do well in this area since computer fraud, white collar crime and computer hacking has opened up a whole new legal area in the past 20 years.

Legal Nurse Consultant is a cross between a medical professional and a legal one. This unique position is very helpful in steering the path between medical malpractice suits and other delicate matters where knowledge of both industries is essential.

Mediator is the person you hope to settle out of court with. This professional knows how to find the middle ground between corporation and individual or two warring factions. The mediator ultimately saves both parties a lot of

Trial consultant helps the witness prepare for court. Not exactly a drama coach – more like a facilitator – what to say, how to dress, the tone to take when answering questions, giving one’s testimony, etc. After all, going to court is a big deal, and a professional’s help is needed to stay calm and lucid while giving an important personal account of an eye-witnessed event or any other important matter.

Legal secretary is a highly paid, trained professional who works side by side the professional lawyer. It is not an exaggeration to say that she is his (or her) co-pilot, on standby for important documents, court dictation, research and reference. The exceptional legal secretary may consider taking a step further up the chain and becoming a paralegal, which requires a two year training program, usually available through private legal school or even the community college system.

Court reporter – this is also a very highly paid profession. It is not unheard of for court reporters to make upwards of 65,000 £ / year if they have earned a high reputation in their fields. The court reporting field was once dominated by men but now both sexes have found interesting and flexible careers. Some court reporters work at the courthouse, while others are privately employed and go to places of mediation where their task is to record the dialogue between the two parties. They use an abbreviated version of legal shorthand for this process.

Court interpreter – the court interpreter specializes in on the spot translations where one of the two parties is not fully coherent. This job requires concentration, discernment, creativity and high intelligence. Court interpreters are assigned to witnesses who may be foreigners, immigrants or specialists from another country and do not speak the native tongue of the court. A court interpreter / translator is undoubtedly a great career. The interpreter must know legal matters, while possessing good language and people skills.

These are just some of the budding career opportunities in the legal profession!