How A Custom Home Builder Makes It Easier To Achieve The Goal Of Home Ownership

The single greatest investment most every family will make is the purchase of a house and, in addition to providing a substantial return on investment, many individuals find comfort in owning the place their loved ones call home. While many consumers have the desire to buy a home, some discover there are many obstacles standing in the way of their dreams. The following is a quick look at how a custom home builder makes the idea of homeownership more attainable for people of all walks of life.

House and Land Packages

One of the trickiest parts of building a new home is locating a plot of land and selecting a floorplan that will meet any budget requirements and provide a family with the layout they need. A builder will offer home and land packages that allow the cost of both items to be rolled together into one mortgage. A package that combines both prevents the stress associated with arranging for both components separately and will often streamline the approval process.

Low Down Payment Requirements

A lack of down payment funds is usually one of the most significant issues plaguing prospective homeowners. While zero-down mortgages are available, they often come with sky-high interest rates and private mortgage insurance requirements that drive the overall cost of a mortgage up. A builder will work with a variety of lenders and help a buyer find the perfect financing options for their needs.

First-Time Builder Grants

One of the easiest ways to make the dream of owning a new home a reality is to take advantage of the first-time home builder grants that are provided by the government. New builders may be eligible for up to $10,000 in grant funds that will help to reduce the overall cost of the construction project. These monies will not only help to drive down the expense of monthly mortgage payments but will also reduce the total down payment required.

The idea of buying a home may seem impossible, but the right builder will have a variety of tools and resources that will make it easy. The team at Aussie Living Home are leaders in new construction projects and have helped thousands of families realize the dream of homeownership. Be sure to read more and see how, with a little work, just about anyone can find a place to call home.