Unique Lighting Ideas For The Bedroom

One of the best ways to improve a bedroom is to add lighting. Light has a bigger impact on design that many other features because it illuminates surrounding objects and colors. The following are some unique lighting ideas that work especially well in a bedroom.

Hang A Lantern From The Ceiling

Instead of an inset ceiling light or a hanging chandelier, consider suspending a wood and glass lantern from the ceiling above the bed. A lantern-shaped light fixture is the perfect complement to a rustic decor.

Hang A Modern Pendant Light Above The Bed

Pendant lights are any type of hanging light, but instead of a traditional chandelier, consider a pendant with a more modern style. Some LED hanging lights look like modern sculptures suspended from the ceiling.

Add Task Lamps To The Headboard

Task lamps are a great way to add both light and function to a bedroom. With a focused lamp attached to either side of a headboard, both sleeping partners can enjoy light when and where they need it.

Install Elegant Wall Sconces

Wall sconces have an elegant and old-fashioned appeal. They are usually designed to hold either one or two bulbs. Instead of traditional lamp or candelabra styles, consider a sconce in the form of a gold blossom for a more unusual look.

Add A Paper Chandelier Or Lamp

Paper makes a wonderful light cover because it is thin and translucent. White or cream-colored paper can soften the light, while colored paper light covers create gentle pastel shades. A paper pendant or lamp also contributes an interesting element of design.

Add Vintage Table Lamps

The term “vintage” generally refers to home goods produced in the middle of the 20th century, e.g., in the 1940s, 50s, or 60s. Vintage lamps are likely to have different shapes and use different color tones than what is common today, making older lamps both unique and attractive.

Add A Floor Lamp

A floor lamp is a great way to bring light to a specific area in a room. They can light up dark corners or provide overhead reading light above a comfortable chair.

There are many options for bedroom lights that can add a touch of beauty and distinctiveness to any bedroom. A new lamp or light fixture can really pull together a bedroom design.