New Beds Mean Better Sleep

Getting new beds means better sleep for many people. We sleep one-third of our lives if we are lucky. If not, we lay awake or toss and turn part of each night. Sleep deprivation causes weight and health problems. Old, lumpy, sagging beds are part of the sleeping problem. We need to be comfortable in bed to sleep well. Purchasing a new, good-quality bed can help many people get a good night’s sleep every night. What kind of mattress should a person purchase?

A New Design In Mattresses

Today’s market has mattresses of many constructions and materials. There are the traditional innerspring mattresses, the adjustable pressure air mattresses, the foam mattresses, the latex mattresses, all natural hypoallergenic mattresses, and the combination material mattresses. Which ones are the best? There are good mattresses of every type at all different price points. The choice of mattress is too often decided by the amount of money available.

But, what if a new type of mattress comes on the market that is high quality for a bargain price? A new company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota called Juna is manufacturing custom mattresses to ship all over the United States at reasonable prices. These mattresses are constructed in a revolutionary way. They are made with a combination of foam, latex, and memory foam layers that form a zip and flip system enclosed in a removable, washable cover that zips on and off.

The layers are separate and can be rearranged for different firmness levels and if one layer wears out or is damaged it can be replaced while the remainder of the mattress is kept. The whole mattress has a 12-year warranty and after 12 years there is a comfort commitment agreement where parts can be replaced as they show wear. This makes it possible to keep the mattress for many years, replacing parts as needed but keeping the basic mattress.

Benefits Of This Mattress

This mattress is shipped free and comes with a free mattress protector saving customers money. The company is so sure of their mattresses comfort and quality that they have a risk free 120 night trial period. If the customer is not happy with the mattress, they get a full refund. The mattresses are highly rated for comfort and quality. For more information, visit the website.