What Business Scenting Is and Why Companies Use It

Everyday millions of people shop at malls and stores because some seem more appealing than others. While a customer-friendly environment is partially made up of decorating themes and a generally positive atmosphere, many businesses also use business scenting. They harness the human tendency to connect certain smells with happy thoughts. The practice works so well that it is often part of major marketing plans.

There Is a Science to Scent

Research shows that humans’ sense of smell effects 3/4 of their emotions. That is because, unlike other senses, smell is processed by the limbic system, the area of the brain responsible for emotions and perceptions. Scent affects people very quickly, too. A typical human nose is capable of detecting over 10,000 different smells and then translating them into perceptions and feelings.

Scent Marketing Is Very Effective

Because scent can affect human emotions so dramatically and so fast, many companies now disperse a variety of essential oils into public areas. Research shows that different scents produce various responses. For instance, just by using essential oils associated with Christmas, a store can create a bright holiday feeling. In addition to creating more positive environments, essential oils subtly erase unpleasant odors and can add a bracing freshness. They will even kill airborne bacteria and molds. Since essential oils are generally derived from health-giving plants, they provide the same benefits when dispersed.

Companies Can Change Scents as Needed

The various oils and diffusers that businesses use for scent marketing are provided by experts who offer a range of options. For instance, clients may choose from a range of aromas designed to create specific moods. They include fragrances that induce relaxing, warm, luxurious and earthy feelings. There are stimulating scents as well as some that create a sense of the outdoors. Many stores add holiday aromas like gingerbread, holiday spice or chocolate orange. In fact, clients can order entire bundles designed to make areas feel warm and cozy or stimulating. It is easy for users to change scents and create entirely different atmospheres.

Today many companies include scent marketing in their advertising campaigns. Working with professionals who provide diffusers and essential oils, businesses can disperse scents that use scientific principles to create specific atmospheres and customer responses.