Three Reasons To Contact Animal Control Or Wildlife Removal Services For Skunks

When individuals see skunks on their property, they’re often tempted to just leave them alone and hope they’ll go away. While it’s possible the skunk may just be passing through the area, there’s also the chance that’s it’s taken up residence on the property. Read the information below to learn three reasons why it’s important for individuals to contact animal control or wildlife removal services whenever they see a skunk.

Skunks Often Make Dens Underneath The House

When skunks are ready to give birth to their young, which is normally around four to six babies at one time, they’ll find a quiet place that’s covered to make a den underground. It’s very common for skunks to choose the area underneath a house to make their den because that’s a place where they feel safe. If a skunk feels threatened by a human, another skunk or the family pet, it will spray as a defense mechanism. When a skunk sprays underneath the house, the odor will penetrate into the house.

Skunks Will Damage The Yard

When skunks forage for food, they often dig 3 to 4-inch deep holes in the lawn to find grub worms to eat. These holes can easily damage the lawn and make it look unattractive. It’s not uncommon for skunks to also dig in flower beds and cause damage to flowers in the process.

Skunks Can Carry Rabies and Other Diseases

Individuals who have dogs that spend time outdoors should be very concerned about skunks that carry rabies. It’s not unusual for an inquisitive pup to approach a skunk to sniff or bark at this strange animal. If a skunk that has rabies bites a dog, this disease is transferred to the dog. Rabies is often fatal, especially if it’s not caught early enough, and rabid dogs are known to bite humans. Skunks can carry other diseases that can also be harmful to humans and pets.

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