The Way Beds Are Made Has Changed

A new mattress company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota called Juna has invented a new way to make and sell beds. Though this mattress may not be for everyone, it is worth looking into. Imagine a mattress of several separate layers that are interchangeable and replaceable. If one part doesn’t feel right, just replace it and keep the rest of the mattress. The mattress firmness can be changed by rearranging the layers. The layers are held in place with a fabric cover that zips on and off as needed.

What Is The Mattress Made Of?

This new style mattress is made of 6 layers of different materials that combined make a very comfortable sleep.

  • The Juna fabric cover holds everything together and is breathable and cool to the touch. This cover is washable and easy to get on and off as needed.
  • A two-inch organic latex layer offers support and durability and is dust and mite resistant.
  • One point five inches of graphite gel foam represents 6 generations of memory foam to give a quicker movement response and pulls excess heat away from the body. It also relieves body pressure points.
  • One point five inches of Energex foam is a great balance between latex and memory foam. It removes body heat and gives buoyant support.
  • The lumbar support pad gives added support to the lower back and hips where the most weight is. This 2.4 lb. density pad is placed in the middle one-third of the mattress.
  • And finally, the five-inch support core of 2.4 lb density foam is above industry standards and gives better support.

These layers are separate so they can be rearranged for different layers of firmness or be replaced as they wear out. This allows the mattress to provide comfort for many years. The company is so committed to this mattress and its value that they give customers a 120 night trial period and a 12-year warranty. After the 12 years pass, the company honors a lifetime comfort commitment where it will replace mattress parts at little or no cost.

The company ships the mattresses free and gives customers a free mattress protector. For additional information, visit the website.