The Ultimate Winter Prep Checklist For Your Home Begins With Protecting Your Belongings

Winter in Florida is a wonderful time of the year, but there’s no reason to leave items a homeowner isn’t going to use exposed to the weather. In addition, homeowners need to find the perfect place to house their outdoor patio furniture and pool equipment that won’t be used during the winter months. A limited amount of storage space at a home can become a dilemma that needs to be solved. The Ultimate Winter Prep Checklist for Your Home should be renting a self-storage unit to protect the items that won’t be used and extend their life. The salty air, and UV rays from the sun can deteriorate pool hoses, patio furniture, and many other things that are used throughout the summer if they’re not properly stored.

Temperature Of A Storage Unit

The heat and humidity in Florida can fluctuate a lot causing concern for a homeowner who’s interested in storing their personal belongings. The good news is; many self-storage units provide climate controlled storage lockers that will prohibit items from being damaged. Even an outside TV can be put into storage and an owner can feel confident it will be in great shape when it’s needed.

RV’s, Boats, And Campers

Now that summer is over, recreational vehicle owners often need a place to store their boat, RV, or camper. A self-storage facility is completely fenced in and provides access seven days a week to an owner who wants to gain access. Some RV spots can provide electricity to the unit, that starts at 30 amps.

Size Of The Unit

Storage units can range from 5×5’s to 20×20. A larger unit can usually fit an entire house of furniture and personal belongings. A smaller unit can be used to provide more space in a home or closet.

How Will A Renter Know What Size To Choose?

The best way to determine what unit size will be needed is to make a list of everything that needs to be stored. Staff at the storage facility will be happy to review the list and help a renter choose the perfect size.

Putting items in a storage facility can eliminate clutter from a house or garage of the items you would like to keep but don’t currently use.