3 Tips for Boosting Property Value

Selling a home for the highest price possible can ensure sufficient profit to pay the balance of a mortgage, the real estate agent’s commission, and maybe put a down payment on a new home. However, agents and sellers don’t always agree, and the agent may suggest a sale price below what the owner believes the home is worth.

There are many updates an owner can do to spruce up a house and increase the asking price by thousands of dollars. In this guide, owners can get tips on boosting property value.

Paint the Inside

It doesn’t cost much to give a room a new look. All that’s needed is a gallon of paint, some supplies and a little time to increase a home’s value. A fresh coat of paint can liven up the home, and replacing bold colors with neutral shades can make the home more attractive to potential buyers. According to the experts, painting the inside of a home can provide up to a 120% return on the investment.

Update the Kitchen and Bathroom

Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. If the owner can’t afford to scrap everything and start over, they can do smaller things to modernize these rooms. Painting the cabinets, replacing countertops, changing hardware and updating lighting can potentially add thousands to a home’s value.

Increase Curb Appeal

Some homeowners devote a significant amount of money and time to improving the interior of the home, and they disregard the exterior completely. The home’s outside is the first thing buyers see when they visit, and if they don’t like what they’re seeing, they may move on to the next home on the list.

While it’s not necessary to hire a landscaper, homeowners should take a little time to clean up the place. Remove clutter, mow the grass, and plant a few flowers. Spending a few hundred dollars to improve a home’s curb appeal can increase its value by $2000 or more.

Many people believe that improving a home’s curb appeal and resale value is an expensive process, but it doesn’t have to be. By following these easy tips, homeowners can increase the property’s value and attract more potential buyers.