Tips To Assist With Surviving Major Repairs And Renovations: Preparing Yourself And Your Home For Big Projects

If a homeowner is preparing to renovate several rooms in their home, the following tips will assist with packing and storing the contents of a house. While a project is underway, an individual’s possessions will not be in the way or be at risk of becoming damaged or lost by following advice associated with Surviving Major Repairs and Renovations: Preparing Yourself and Your Home for Big Projects.

Wrap Fragile Items

Fragile items should be wrapped in pieces of foam cushioning. Strips of packing tape can be used to secure the edges of packing materials. Labeling the outside of each wrapped piece will help an owner keep track of possessions while they are in storage. Durable containers that have built-in dividers can be used to hold individual pieces. After pouring packing peanuts or crumpled pieces of tissue paper into the bottom of each container, one item can be placed inside of each divided section. Packing peanuts or paper can be used to fill empty space in a container. Wide strips of packing tape can be used to secure each container.

Rent A Storage Unit And Stack Items Inside of It

A moving company can be hired to transport packed items. If furniture pieces need to be dismantled, a moving crew will provide assistance with taking pieces apart. After possessions arrive at a storage facility, an indoor or outdoor unit can be rented. Indoor units are climate controlled and locking devices that are secured to doors will prevent theft from becoming an issue. When placing items inside of a unit, heavy pieces should be placed near the back of the storage space. Small items can be set on top of large pieces. Neatly organizing items will prevent confusion when it is time to move the materials back to a residence.

Create A Master List

Writing a list of the contents that are stored in a storage unit will help an individual keep track of items and determine how they are going to place them inside of their home once renovations are complete. A list can be secured to a clipboard and stored inside of a unit. If additional items are placed in storage during a renovation project, the new items can be added to the list.