Three Tricks to Get More Leverage Out of a Promotional Item

Promotional items, when used well, can be extremely useful in improving brand awareness. Unfortunately, promotional items typically have the stigma of being wasteful. They are simple, needless, and cheap in the majority of situations.

This does not need to be the case. Smart promoters can break the conventions of promotional branding and offer useful and effective items that serve a real purpose. What are three quick tricks to get more out of a promotional item?

Personalize the Branding

Is it possible to add a personal touch to each and every promotional item? Some marketers may number each item. Others may actually use the limited time only or exclusivity of the item in the marketing. For example, there are only 100 available. These are ways to bridge a stronger connection and personalize the product.

Other marketers may personalize each individual item by adding a special thank you note or having a lucky winner. One item has a special VIP ticket or a tag for a free item. This way, the promotional item serves multiple functions.

Focus on One Aspect of Promotional Branding or One Item

The most insightful tip may be to focus on only a few areas. Have a guideline for others, but place added emphasis on making one promotional item work extraordinarily well. Once they are developed, automate them, and move on elsewhere. Build the marketing aspects of the business one arm at a time.

Make it Work

There really are not a lot of inherently bad promotional items. They can all work to some degree. It is extremely useful to find something that works and to make it work.

If it isn’t fitting in relatively easy, drop it and move on to something else. It may not be the promotional item at all. It may be the plan behind it, the charisma involved, and many other aspects that have little to do with whether the item is a pen or a Frisbee.

This guide to marketing covers an assortment of different areas. From the fast-paced environment of social media to direct mailing campaigns, there are so many aspects that become invaluable in developing a marketing plan.