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How to Best Stimulate Your Baby’s Five Senses

Your baby is on the stage of developing his brain and stimulating his five senses is one way to ensure he has good cerebral development. As compared to adults, infants perceive things differently, so they have to learn the basics through their five senses. Through the five senses, babies get to learn about his environment, so parents should touch their babies, talk to them, play a good music, provide visual stimulation, and try different food to experience different tastes as he begins to eat solid foods.

Babies are born with a fuzzy vision, only being able to see around eight to twelve inches away and their vision is mainly made up of shades and shapes. You have to decorate your baby’s room using bright colors as well as interesting patterns. The different colors that are stimulating for babies are red (warm color), orange, yellow (increased intellectual ability), and blue (promote rest, calming effect. Stimulate your baby’s vision with the use of black and white stripes or utilizing light and dark contrasting colors. Although soft pastels may appear beautiful for you, they don’t really stimulate a baby’s vision. According to research, black and white contrasts are powerful to stimulate the retina and send a strong visual signal to baby’s brain. Try surrounding your baby’s room with bright and vibrant colors and you will surely see his eyes brighten up. You may consider purchasing a colorful play mat for the visual stimulation of your baby, one with colorful cartoon characters will definitely make your baby happy.

Upon birth, babies have almost fully developed sense of hearing, and they can already hear even just before they were actually born. Babies are accustomed to noise when they were still in the womb of their mothers, so different noises can calm and relax babies. You can nurture and soothe your baby’s sense of hearing by reading to your baby, which helps him develop his listening skills and helping him pay attention to sounds. Holding, cuddling, massaging, stroking, and carrying your baby are effective ways to bond with your baby and to stimulate his sense of touch. Place things in your baby’s hands for him to know the difference between soft and hard items, but be sure to use acceptable toys basing on his age.

Your baby can already recognize your scent about a week after his birth, so it is important to avoid using strongly scented detergents and perfumes as it may mask your natural scent that may also leave your baby confused. At at early age, you can introduce different tastes to your baby to stimulate his sense of taste but be sure to do this carefully as your baby may have possible food allergy. The five senses are crucial in the development of your baby, so apply these tips for a healthy and happy baby.